• Classic 1 Star Fixed CZO Series

    MRP 59990/-

Features Filter  Anti Dust
Catalyst Filter -
Active Carbon -
Nano Silver -
Catechin Filter
Acaro Bacterium(Red)
Vitamin-C -
Silver Ion
IDU Fin Hydrophylic Aluminium Blue
Copper tubes Inner Grooved
IDU LED Display
Ionizer -
Self Diagnosis
Anti Fungal
Auto Restart
Remote Sleep Mode
LCD Remote
Backlight -
Reset -
Clean -
iFeel -
3D AirFlow -
WiFi Control with Smartphone -
Glow Buttons
Dual Temp. Display
Air Vent Cross Flow
Model   241 CZO
Star Rating Stars 1
Rated Cooling Capacity (100%)                         W 6400
Rated Current- Cooling  Amps 9.1
Rated Power Input- Cooling (100%)                           Watt 2057
Rated ISEER W/W 3.11
Power Supply V/Hz/Ph 230 / 50 / 1 Phase
Air Flow Volume - Indoor CMH 1100/920/830/740
*Noise Level - Indoor ..dB(A) 49/45/41/37
Operation   LCD Remote
Compressor Type    High EER Rotary
Max operating Ambient Temp Range   50⁰ C
Refrigerant Gas   R-22
Indoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD)  mm 1075×320×240
Indoor Unit Net / Gross Weight  Kg 16.5/19.5
Outdoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD)  mm 915x705x355
Outdoor Unit Net / Gross Weight  Kg 48/54
Connecting Pipe  type Cu-Cu(5/8" & 1/4")
Connecting Pipe Length Metre 3.5
Connecting Cable  Metre 3.5
Condenser Coil   Fin & Tube
  • These savings are based on 8Hrs of AC running for 365 Days
  • The Compressor run hour is considered as 70% of the total hours which effectively means the AC runs for 5Hrs 36Minutes per Day
  • Based on Electricity cost of Rs. 5/- per Unit
  • Under test conditions